Quality From Start to Finish

About ProMED CBD

At ProMED CBD, our focus is to research and develop innovative CBD hemp extracts then make them accessible worldwide. Our primary goal is to create diverse, high-quality hemp extracts with a broad profile of cannabinoids and other natural molecules found in hemp, while identifying their distinct properties. Made up of doctors and scientists, we are dedicated to producing the finest and purest CBD products while never compromising on quality.

ProMED CBD uses whole-plant hemp extracts which are either Full-Spectrum (i.e. CBD w/ .3% THC and a natural balance of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes) or Isolated Crystalline Cannabidiol CBD.

ProMED CBD is safe and legal

Our products are legal across all fifty states and produced with federally-legal Cannabidiol (CBD). ProMED CBD is proud to be in partnership with the Hemp Pilot Research Program to be able to provide customers quality CBD products in all 50 states.

Premium Hemp-Derived CBD

At every Stage of Production, our industrial hemp is grown and extracted following the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Each product that leaves the facility is third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality.

Full Control at every Stage of Production

All our products are manufactured in FDA approved facilities and carefully monitored throughout the production cycle. We use Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) methods.

Certificate of Analysis for every ProMED Product

Each Certificate of Analysis (COA) shows the amount of CBD in the product along with test results for the presence of pesticides, microbial, and heavy metals to ensure our products are of the highest purity and quality.

Full Traceability with QR Code on every Product

QR codes are placed on all of our products so our customers can view the third-party lab results for each specific product batch. We want our customers to know what’s in every single product we sell!


All Full-Spectrum ProMed products contain 0.3% or less THC

Lab Tested

All ProMed products are lab tested to ensure the highest level of safety and quality

Pure CBD

99+% CBD purity independently verified by third party labs

During the grow cycle the KDA requires additional soil and plant testing. We follow the strict guidelines to ensure your products are non-GMO and contain no pesticides.

All ProMED products are produced in an FDA registered and inspected, food-grade, GMP-compliant facility and are tested by third parties for safety and quality ProMED
ProMED CBD’s traceability allows us to pinpoint the exact location on the farm where your product grew to the various processing steps to the final product.
All ProMED CBD products start with a soil and seed inspection from the The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) to ensure the very best organic grow conditions (100% of our farming is located in Kentucky).
ProMED CBD uses super-critical CO2 extraction which retains the naturally occurring beneficial molecules in the hemp plant for the most gentle approach to extract high quality CBD.
ProMED CBD laser etches each product with a batch and lot number. In addition, QR codes on every product traces back to the Certificate of Analysis to ensure you get the very best CBD products!